Clap for our carers and colour in!

Have you been joining in on the clapping at 8pm on Thursdays?

We commissioned Jacqueline Colley to create this design to remind everyone to clap every Thursday at 8pm as a thank you to our amazing staff at Great Ormond Street and our NHS colleagues across the country.

Grab your favourite colouring pencils or pens and have a go at creating your own version by downloading the sheet below. You could stick it up somewhere or gift it to your favourite NHS carer after colouring in!

Thank You NHS colouring sheet (0 bytes)

Make sure you share your finished creations with us on social media by tagging @GOSH_Arts and @GreatOrmondSt.

Looking for more colouring sheets from Jacqueline? See this tropical print colouring sheet, based on the design of the hospital entrance doors!