Above the Clouds activity sheets

Based on Scott Mead’s series Above the Clouds, these activity sheets focus on storytelling and journeys through a playful approach to the characteristics and potentials of a photograph.

Throughout the activity sheets there are practical references to Scott Mead’s process of the Above the Clouds project, for instance framing, exhibition making and composing an image.

For some of the exercises you need basic materials and tools, but mainly your imagination. Inspiration from one's immediate surroundings is also an important part of the activities.

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Framing the view - activity sheets (0 bytes)

Colour Space - activity sheets (942.9 KB)

Scott's series Above the Clouds is a portfolio of images taken from his extensive air travel on regularly scheduled flights over several years. During these journeys, Mead has been extremely inspired whilst gazing out of plane windows at the endless horizon, finding that the journey itself can be more meaningful than just a means to a destination. More information and images can be seen on his website.