Filament Theatre

Filament theatre performing
This August Filament Theatre brought elements of their production Earth Makes No Sound to Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

Earth Makes No Sound is a collaborative choral work about the elements and the environmental changes happening to our planet. Inspired by the sea scene in the main entrance to the Hospital the company focused on the water section of their piece, which has an important message around the damage that single use plastic is having on our planet and our responsibility to collectively stop it.

“On watching your first piece with the recycling, one parent, when asked by her child why you were holding rubbish, immediately responded explaining that you were singing about how long it takes for that plastic to disappear, and that if you don’t recycle properly it would last for more than one thousand years…” – Staff Member

The company used the main reception, Hospital Street and the Lagoon as their stage, moving though the spaces and allowing families and staff to encounter performance in unexpected places! The piece gently swept the audience though the corridors, allowing them to break off and carry on with their day when they needed too, or follow the performers to the end of the piece, which one family did three times!

 “The sound and movement through the corridors worked beautifully, resonating in the waiting areas. I loved watching the children being carried along the corridors on your ‘wave’ and seeing them dancing and playing with the feathers” – GOSH Staff member

Filament Theatre is a music theatre company which produces inclusive work. They combine rich vocal harmonies and a physical approach to performance, to create original, dynamic music theatre. They bring inclusive performances and participation work to a wide audience by working in partnership with other organisations and performing in both theatres and non-traditional public spaces from St Pancras Station to Lewisham Shopping Centre.