Lullaby Factory

To improve the view from the windows of the Morgan Stanley Clinical Building award-winning architects Studio Weave created a fantastical landscape of mysterious pipes and curious instruments on the façade of the Southwood Building.

The Lullaby Factory reaches ten storeys in height and 32 metres in length. Transforming an awkward exterior space landlocked by buildings, it is a secret world that can only be seen from inside the hospital.

You can see the Lullaby Factory from the windows of the Morgan Stanley Clinical Building or from the Lagoon Restaurant.

You can listen to the lullabies composed by Jessica Curry on the Patient Bedside Entertainment System or from the ‘Hummermering Transmitters’ found outside in the Lagoon Restaurant courtyard.

The Lullaby Factory has won a number of prestigious awards including the AR+D Award for Emerging Architecture 2013, Civic Trust Award 2014, Marsh Award for Excellence in Public Sculpture 2014 and Highly Commended Architizer Architecture + Art Award 2015

Learn more about the Lullaby Factory on the Studio Weave website.