Good Hope Works

A member of staff in scrubs in the hospital stairwell. There is art work on the window behind them.

In response to her 6 month residency at GOSH, Joanna Brinton created a vinyl artwork that spans the height of each window of the Morgan Stanley Clinical Building staff stairwell.

The residency also titled Good Hope Works engaged staff from across GOSH, including members of the portering, play, clinical, admin and catering teams as well as many others, and encouraged them to consider their shared values and personal experiences of working at the Hospital.

Good Hope Works included periods of research and artist-led workshops with staff and volunteers during which Joanna invited staff to take her on a journey as part of their workday, to talk as they walked and focus their attention on the subject of work and care. The conversations and ideas from these sessions were then used to develop the artwork which includes direct quotes from staff members.