About the Psychological Services department

Who are we?

We are psychologists and therapists who work with children in the hospital and with their families. We also work with some of the other people you might meet in the hospital, like doctors and nurses. We see children for lots of different reasons. Coming to hospital can sometimes feel a bit scary. You might have some worries, be frightened, angry, or maybe a bit stuck with a problem. We can talk with you about what might help to make things better. Or we could give you some ideas about how to cope.

We’re a bit different from other doctors. We don’t give medicines or do any of the tests you might have in hospital. When we see a person, we might talk, or draw, to try and understand what they feel “stuck” with. We try to learn more about you. What are you like? What do you want to talk about? Is there something you would like to be different?