The Children’s Medicines Centre at GOSH

Children's Medicines Centre text with illustration of medicines

The Children’s Medicines Centre (CMC) exists to improve the use of medicines for children and young people (CYP) through collaborative and innovative research and training.

With a relentless spirit of research, strategic entrepreneurial partnership, and patient engagement we will deliver better and best medicines for CYP across the world.

The CMC was created at GOSH within as a defined strategic and operational entity, focusing on impact in 3 areas of paediatric medicines practice:

  • clinical delivery
  • research
  • education and training

The CMC’s strategy is driven by the fact that children are still “Therapeutic Orphans” when it comes to medicine practice:

  • Only 14% of medicines are licensed for children at the time they reach the UK market (6% for neonates) and that only increases to about 25% during the next 12 years
  • 22% of children experience medicine related problems in hospital. 78% of these are assessed as being preventable
  • Children are 3 times more likely than adults to experience a medicine related adverse event.

The CMC works alone and in partnership to:

  • achieve positive impact on child health outcomes at a local, national and international level.
  • bring together existing multidisciplinary expertise and resources in child health and in pharmacy to develop research and improvement in clinical practice and introduce innovation where it can have a positive impact.
  • ensure that research, education and practice of children’s medicines is seen as a synergistic field where none can happen without the others.
  • Champion efficacy, safety and environmental sustainability are at the forefront of all developments and developed in collaboration with children and their families and carers.

Find more details on our research and outputs page.


Our participation in collaborative initiatives is a key marker of success. Our external collaborators include:

Sustainable Medicines Partnership (SMP) is a private-public, multi-stakeholder, not-for-profit collaboration of 48 organisations, co-ordinated by Yewmaker. The objectives are to reduce waste of medicines and waste from medicines, and to make healthcare more equitable and sustainable.

FabRx Ltd is a specialist biotech company, revolutionising the manufacture of medicines using 3D Printing technologies.

Our internal collaborators include NIHR GOSH BRC, DRIVE, GLA, UCL School of Pharmacy.