Clinical Outcomes

Clinical outcomes are measurable changes in health, function or quality of life that result from our care. Constant review of our clinical outcomes establishes standards against which to continuously improve all aspects of our practice.

Evidence on the impact of the music therapy service for patients, families, and staff is being gathered through the use of service-tailored questionnaires. Initial results suggest that the music therapy service is having a positive impact on patients and families in the following areas:

- Reduced anxiety

- Improved mood

- Increase in engagement during treatment and care

Data collection is ongoing, but the poignancy and breadth of responses received so far suggest that the music therapy service is both deeply impactful and highly valued.

Feedback from staff

‘Having access to a music therapist is an absolute asset to the hospital, its patients, family and staff. […] After witnessing its benefits, I feel it’s a really essential service in the hospital.’ 

‘Having a music therapist is a wonderful opportunity for our children. It has been particularly helpful for children with communication difficulties, giving them an alternative method of expressing themselves.’ 

‘Joint sessions have already made "traditional" rehab sessions more FUN for both the patients and professionals alike. Linking up for sessions has already improved some patient's participation and engagement in "traditional" rehab sessions, significantly improving their performance and the benefit of such rehabilitation.’ 

‘The music therapy service has been an invaluable addition to the Trust. The difference it has made to a huge range of patients is phenomenal. Katya is highly skilled and confident in providing developmentally appropriate sessions to complex children, supporting not only their development, but also improving their mood, allowing another form of expression and communication, and encouraging quality time for children to focus on play and fun. Parents absolutely love the service provided by Katya, often planning their day around her sessions to ensure their children aren't asleep / busy when she arrives! Katya encourages parents to be involved when appropriate or possible, and I have seen parents develop themselves, from sitting quietly watching the sessions, to becoming very involved in them, singing their favourite songs whilst Katya beautifully supports this. This has also been very important for parents who are EAL, who have always been given the opportunity to sing songs in their home language. Her work is an integrated part of the MDT working, with all professionals highly valuing her skills and knowledge. Katya is warm and friendly, and is always happy to adapt her sessions to best suit the child or situation. The service is absolutely fantastic!’ 

‘Parents light up when they see their child engaging in music therapy.’ 

Feedback from parents

‘Music therapy has really helped my son; it has given him release in his emotions. After his session he is very relaxed and is always in good spirits.’ 

‘Fantastic! My child looks forward to this every week!’ 

‘My child absolutely loved the music sessions! He looked forward to playing some music and dance. He was always the happiest during music. He bonded very well with Katya. Katya was always fun and so calm with my child. She was very professional too! Katya got the whole family to join in the music sessions and it was a lot of fun and our child loved every moment of it. The music session made my child become very confident in himself and he used to dance and play different instruments and just let his hair down!’ 

‘After playing music we feel happy and our minds are fresh.’ 

‘Music Therapy has been so helpful for my son, improving his moods and helping him with his anxiety levels. He could be having a really bad day and we have music therapy and he cheers up so much, he may not have spoken all day and then music starts and he's singing away! He also has a great bond with the music therapist.’ 

Feedback from patients

‘I feel very relaxed and feel better about myself. For me, music is a big thing because it is an outlet. It feels really good.’ 

‘[After music I feel] ecstatic calm free peaceful great pumped relaxed!’

After music today, I feel...

Feedback cards are used to gather the first-hand experience of children, young people, and their families through written or drawn responses. More than 250 feedback cards have been received so

far from patients and family members. The cards provide further qualitative evidence that patients and family perceive music therapy to have a positive impact on their experience of care. All responses are collected anonymously.