Education and training within the Dietetics department

Continuing Professional Development

The Dietetics department is committed to continuing professional development. We keep updated on current research and practices through journal updates, professional development meetings, development afternoons, study days and on-the-job training within teams.

Diet service technicians and the Diet Services Manager have monthly meetings to discuss aspects of service delivery, risk assessment and Trust-wide issues. All technicians and dietetic assistants receive training on food hygiene and customer care.

Training offered by the department to other hospital staff

  • This forms part of the hospital's induction program for new staff members at Great Ormond Street Hospital. It includes education on the importance of nutrition and the dietitian's role within the multidisciplinary team. 

  • Education sessions for medical staff on specialist areas of paediatric nutrition, including teaching on the Masters Course in Clinical Paediatrics for specialist registrars. 

  • Informal training on the wards for nurses, health care assistants (HCA) and housekeepers.

Other training and courses offered by our department

  • Placement training for student dietitians attending Kings College London and London Metropolitan University.

  • Paediatric update study days for paediatric dietitians in the Greater London region.

  • Our department and other specialist paediatric dietetic departments run Masters accredited paediatric course modules. Further details are available on the British Dietetic Association website

  • Clinical attachments for overseas dietitians. Please contact the Head of Dietetics for further information.

  • Participation in international conferences.