Clinics and wards used by the Respiratory Medicine and Transitional Care Unit

Freddie with nurse Kingfisher Ward
There are several wards for children under the care of the Respiratory Unit at Great Ormond Street Hospital.


Respiratory Medicine have two wards: Badger Ward and Miffy Ward (Transitional Care Unit), and also use Kingfisher Ward for some sleep studies.

Badger Ward

Badger Ward has 12 beds and cares for all types of respiratory patients.

The children on Badger Ward all have breathing problems, including problems that happened before birth (congenital), complex asthma, cystic fibrosis and other conditions where the lungs are involved.

Children with sleep disorders also spend some time on Badger Ward. Children with tracheostomies are nursed on Badger Ward along with children who require help with their breathing on a regular basis.

Miffy Ward

Miffy Ward has five beds and cares for long-term ventilated patients.

Children who are on this ward depend on breathing support from a ventilator or other mechanical support. The child and his or her family are prepared for going home with this breathing support from the Transitional Care Unit.

Kingfisher Ward

Kingfisher Ward is based in the Octav Botnar Wing, and is where children undergo medical investigations and tests.

Respiratory patients attending Kingfisher Ward attend for a sleep study, which is run as care-by-parent on the Respiratory Sleep Unit. A sleep technician will be on the ward assessing the patients, although the child's care will be provided by their parent. 

Patients who need nursing care are admitted to Badger Ward for their sleep study.


Outpatient clinics are held on the following days:

Dr Wallis

  • General Respiratory (RESPCW) - Monday (weekly)
  • General Respiratory - Registrar (CWREG) - Monday (weekly)
  • Joint Respiratory/Immunology (ICW) - Monday (bi-monthly)
  • General Intensive Therapy (ACW) - Friday (quarterly)

Dr Suri

  • General Respiratory (RESREM) - Monday (weekly)
  • General Respiratory - Registrar (RSREG1) - Monday (weekly)
  • General Respiratory (CCC) - Friday (monthly)
  • General Respiratory (RESRSF) - Friday (weekly)

Dr Aurora

  • General Respiratory (PARESP) - Friday (weekly)
  • General Respiratory - Registrar (PAREG) - Friday (weekly)

Dr Wallis/Dr Suri/Dr Aurora

  • Cystic Fibrosis (CF) - Tuesday (weekly)
  • Cystic Fibrosis Annual Review (CFAR) - Tuesday and Wednesday (weekly)