Research and publications from the Neurophysiology department

The Neurophysiology department at Great Ormond Street Hospital undertakes several research projects.


Epileptic disorders

Wireless telemetry

Study of wireless protocols for EEG-video telemetry.

Processing in the somatosensory system

'In touch' mis-match phenomena in the somatosensory system

How do we experience differences in touch? The ability to do this implies a memory circuit closely associated with the sensory cortex, but little is known of this, or of how the brain integrates such memory circuits from different sensory modalities, sound, vision, touch and even less about how it assigns priorities to signals from different modalities, indicating that something new has occurred.

'When does it begin to hurt?' - pain processing and the developing human brain

Understanding the difference between the presence of function in pathways reaching the central nervous system and in processing painful signals within the cerebral cortex is fundamental, if we are to understand when pain experiences become important in the premature baby's brain.

Re-appraising the significance of particular features of the EEG in childhood in the light of recent advances in other areas of neuroscience is an obvious and important priority. We can now begin to supplement the original purely descriptive observations with a better understanding of how the child's brain develops.

Current projects include:

'Posterior slow waves of youth' developmental aspects

Study of auditory processing in affected infants, led by Dr Tangunu Fosi-Mbantenkhu

Population-based study of early childhood (onset within the first two years), led by Dr Kristin Eltze.


Read some of the Neurophysiology department's previous publications.

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