Meet the Neurophysiology team

Key members of the Neurophysiology department include:

Consultants in clinical neurophysiology

Spas Getov
Consultant Clinical Neurophysiologist

Rachel Thornton
Consultant Clinical Neurophysiologist

Frederike Moeller 
Consultant Clinical Neurophysiologist

Stewart Boyd MD, FRCPCH 
Consultant Clinical Neurophysiologist, Special interests: activity of the the brain in childhood as assessed by EEG, evoked and event-related potentials, functional mapping and intracranial EEG recordings

Ronit Pressler PhD
Special interests: neonatal EEG and EEG-video telemetry

Helen Cross MBChB, PhD, FRCPCH. FRCP 
Professor of Paediatric Epilepsy
Special interests: EEG-video telemetry and functional mapping in intracranial monitoring matt

Krishna B Das MD, DCH, DM, MRCPCH
Consultant Paediatric Neurologist
Special interest: EEG-video telemetry

Clinical physiologists (neurophysiology)

Mark Hair BSc Professional Service Manager
Special interests: paediatric EEG, evoked potentials and event-related potentials

Clinical engineers

Alan Worley BSc, MSc, MIEEE, SRCS Senior Clinical Engineer/Clinical Scientist
Special interests: systems and hardware development, signal processing and data acquisition