Research and publications from the Nephrology department

The Nephrology Department is committed to research and development.


Current research includes:

  • Genetic basis of human kidney malformations - Paul Winyard

  • Cell biology of kidney malformations - Paul Winyard

  • The genetics, molecular and biochemical basis of renal disease - William van't Hoff and Detlef Böckenhauer

  • Basic mechanisms of kidney development - Paul Winyard

  • Optimal management of chronic renal failure and dialysis in children - Lesley Rees

  • Translational studies in the evolution of vascular disease in CKD –Dr Shroff and Dr Rees

  • Long term follow-up of dialysis patients - Lesley Rees

  • Outcomes of renal transplantation - Stephen Marks

  • Studies in childhood hypertension - Kjell Tullus and Stephen Marks

  • Studies in childhood systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) - Stephen Marks and Kjell Tullus

  • Genetics of hypertension - Stephen Marks, Kjell Tullus, Eileen Brennan and Adrian Woolf


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Reference 9

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Reference 10

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Reference 11

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Reference 12

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Reference 13

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Reference 20

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Reference 21

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