North London Paediatric Haemophilia Network

Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) is part of the North London Paediatric Haemophilia Network (NLPHN).The NLPHN was established to support clinicians, commissioners and other health professionals in meeting the clinical needs of children and young people with bleeding disorders across north London.

NLPHN composition

The NLPHN comprises GOSH as the hub of the network with the Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust and Royal London NHS Foundation Trusts as spokes. However, it also provides wider support to the whole of north London and the surrounding areas. All centres within the network are comprehensive care centres and members of the United Kingdom Haemophilia Centre Doctors Organisation (UKHCDO).

More about GOSH

All children with bleeding disorders at GOSH will be under the care of the Haemophilia team.

All the doctors and nurses are qualified in the care of children.

We firmly believe in the 'partnership in care' model of practising haemophilia management. This involves total family integration in the management and care of children. This allows children to receive home  treatment from a very early age, thus reducing the number of visits to and the time at hospital.

More about the Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust

The haemophilia centre is a comprehensive care centre, providing a range of services for patients with haemophilia, von Willebrand's disease, other inherited coagulation factor deficiencies and inherited platelet disorders.

More about the Royal London NHS Foundation Trust

As the designated specialist centre for east London and Essex, we care for children with a number of blood disorders, including haemophilia. The service is provided by consultant haematologists and clinical nurse specialists.

Aims and Objectives

The goal of the NLPHN is to work together to embrace the opportunities and challenges that are presented in the switch to national commissioning and ensure that all patients with bleeding disorders across London have access to the best possible care and expertise.

The NLPHN has the dual aim of helping children and young people have prompt access to high-quality treatment and care, helping them to lead normal lives, while helping to improve and standardise practice across north London.

The objective of the network is to provide consistently excellent care to all children and young people with bleeding disorders in the north of London. Specifically it will:

  • Standardise learning and best practice across north London to ensure that children receive the highest level of care. 
  • Increase and develop the research and development and education across north London.
  • Improve and standardise data capture and reporting across the network. 
  • Aid the transition of children between centres and into adult services. 


All the centres within the NLPHN collect and report on data that goes to the UKHCDO, commissioners and NHS England. By collecting and reporting on outcomes as well as performing our own internal audits we aim to better understand and therefore improve the care we give to all patients in the network.