Clinics and wards used by the Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery team

Children at Great Ormond Street Hospital for dental and maxillofacial care are looked after on Peter Pan Ward.


Panther Ward is a surgical ward for children having ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgery, maxillofacial (jaw and facial) surgery, dental surgery, ophthalmology (eye) surgery or having cochlear implants fitted. Children of any age (up to and including adolescence) stay on Peter Pan Ward, although the majority are under five years old.

The ward is arranged in two wings and there are 18 beds on the ward overall. These are arranged in two bays of four and five beds, a nursery holding three cots and six side rooms.

Peter Pan Ward is in the Southwood Building, which is one of the older parts of the hospital, and so space can be limited at times. All of the beds on the ward are child-size, so if your child needs an adult-size bed, he or she may need to stay on another ward.

Peter Pan Ward is fully accessible to disabled children and holds relevant equipment, such as hoists and sliding boards. The ward also has a disabled toilet. There is one bathroom on the ward that can be used by children and their parents.

Staff on the ward

The ward has a full complement of nursing staff and the clinical nurse specialist for tracheostomies is based on Peter Pan Ward. Other members of the team include our play specialist, ward housekeeper, admissions and administration staff.

Doctors from all specialities make regular visits to the ward, as do psychologists, social workers and other clinical nurse specialists as needed.

If you would like to speak to your child’s doctor (or another member of the team), please ask one of the nurses to arrange this for you, as we cannot guarantee they will be free to visit straight away, particularly if they are in the operating theatre.

Great Ormond Street Hospital is also a teaching facility so you will see student nurses and doctors completing their training, but they will be supervised at all times by a qualified member of staff.

Weekly outpatient clinics

The Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery department run a number of weekly outpatients clinics. These are:

  • orthodontics
  • paediatric and restorative dentistry
  • pre-assessment clinic for dental and maxillofacial
  • maxillofacial surgery/orthodontic combined clinic
  • maxillofacial/orthodontic/plastics/craniofacial combined clinic
  • multidisciplinary cleft lip and palate
  • multidisciplinary craniofacial clinic
  • pre-assessment clinics for dental and maxillofacial