About the Cloacal Malformation Multidisciplinary Service (MDS)

Information about the Cloacal Malformation Multidisciplinary Service (MDS) at Great Ormond Street Hospital.
 The Cloaca multi-disciplinary service was set up in 2012 to meet the needs of children and families living with this rare and complex anomaly. Our team has grown into a thriving, multi-professional service, with an increasing reputation and has achieved a demonstrable improvement in clinical outcomes.

Life long care is important for girls with cloacal malformation as there are issues which need to be addressed throughout infancy, childhood, adolescence and into adulthood. There are 3 phases in the delivery of care at GOSH:

First Year First

The initial phase of stabilisation at birth, involves a colostomy and possible drainage procedures, followed by definitive / reconstructive surgery at around 6 months of age with colostomy closure following soon after.


Further management is directed at protecting kidney function and achieving functional urinary and faecal continence.


Later in life menstrual health is an important consideration, as is sexual and reproductive function. Further surgical procedures beyond the initial reconstruction are often necessary to achieve these goals.

Psychology is an integral part of care at every stage. We believe good outcomes are achieved not just with surgical intervention and care, but by the holistic approach that we deliver via our multidisciplinary team.