Clinics and wards used by the Cloacal Malformation Multidisciplinary Service

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The Cloacal Malformation Multidisciplinary Service uses a number of wards and departments throughout Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Puffin and Woodpecker

This is a ward where children come before having an operation. The ward has 16 cubicles and a playroom. Each child will be allocated their own cubicle when they are admitted. There are lots of toys and games for children to play with while they are waiting to go to the operating theatre.

If your child is having a day case procedure, they will be transferred from the recovery area to Woodpecker on a bed on wheels. We will take you to be with your child as they wake up fully. All children are monitored closely as they are waking up – this will involve taking regular observations of their heart rate, temperature and pulse. When they are more fully awake, we will give your child a snack box – this contains a sandwich, drink, yoghurt and a piece of fruit.

Once your child has had something to eat and drink and has not been sick, a member of staff will give your child a check-up and confirm that they are ready to go home. The nurse will arrange for any medicines to be dispensed by our pharmacy technician and give you information sheets about how to care for your child at home. We may ask you to wait in the discharge lounge on Woodpecker while we arrange medicines and/or transport if booked.

Squirrel Ward artwork signage with fact

Squirrel Ward

Squirrel Ward

Squirrel Ward is a 22-bed urological surgical ward, treating a wide range of children from newborn to 17 years. It is located on level 5 of the Variety Club Building (VCB).

Patients include day case admissions and longer inpatient admissions and where appropriate patients and families may be housed in the patient hotel.

We work closely with the clinical nurse specialists in urodynamics and pre-admission, as well as having strong links with the nephrology unit.

Urodynamics Unit

Urodynamics Unit is a busy day care unit located on Level 7 of Southwood building.

Children come here for day case investigations and go home the same day. Most tests are carried out in the unit, but some children may also need to visit the X-ray department on Level 2 of the hospital.

Most visits last from two to four hours, so please allow this long when planning your travel or parking.

Outpatient Department

The Outpatient Department is located on Level 2 and 4 of the Homeopathic Building.

Pre-admission clinics

For planned admissions, we carry out pre-admission clinics on Squirrel Ward. This is an outpatient appointment where you will be able to discuss your child’s planned operation, test or procedure with the team before coming in to hospital for your admission.

Your child will also have various tests and investigations carried out during this appointment. This avoids any delays on the day of the operation, test or procedure. Please be prepared to stay two to three hours.

The appointment is also useful if your child is apprehensive about any aspect of the hospital stay, our play specialists can help prepare your child, as can other members of the team.

We can also start to make plans for after the operation, for instance, if you need any equipment or supplies, these can be arranged beforehand.