About the Cardiothoracic Surgery Unit

The Cardiorespiratory Unit at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) provides a complete spectrum of child heart surgery services for children with congenital and acquired heart disease, as well as specialist activity in tracheal surgery, thoracic surgery and heart and heart-lung transplantation.In recent years, we have treated more children with congenital heart disease than ever before, and with excellent results. In 2010/11, we carried out 511 cases of cardio-pulmonary bypass and an additional 137 cases off bypass.

The thoracic service is an integral part of GOSH and has expanded into one of the biggest referral centres in the UK. The service has been at the forefront of techniques which have improved the care we deliver to our patients, for example the introduction of thoracoscopic operations.

We treat a wide range of thoracic conditions and have great expertise in managing complex congenital thoracic anomalies. We have developed a multidisciplinary platform for oncological management.

Our aim is to continue to provide a child heart surgery service that is recognised internationally and to continue participating in improvements in the care of children requiring this surgical management.