Meet the Anaesthesia team

Key members of the Anaesthesia Department include:

Specialty Lead for Anaesthetics

Dr Hilary Glaisyer
Consultant anaesthetist


Dr Nargis Ahmad
Consultant anaesthetist
ENT, Neurosurgery

Dr Usman Ali
Consultant anaesthetist and Medical information officer
Craniofacial, Urology Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Special interest: Health informatics based research,

Dr Mike Broadhead
Consultant anaesthetist and intensivist
Cardiothoracic and Spinal surgery
Special interest: Paediatric medicine

Dr David de Beer
Consultant anaesthetist
Urology and Craniofacial surgery
Special interests: Patient Safety, Human Factors, Simulation, Enhanced Recovery After Surgery

Dr Linda Chigaru
Consultant anaesthetist and intensivist
Spinal surgery, Interventional Radiology and Orthopaedics
Special interests: Non specialist airway management, complex patient management and clinical education

Dr Marc Cohen
Consultant anaesthetist
Medical expert to Motorsport UK
Cardiac, Plastics, Diagnostic and interventional radiology
Special interest: Anxiety management.

Dr Philip Cunnington
Consultant anaesthetist
ENT, Maxillofacial surgery
Special interests: Hypnotherapy, peri-operative anxiety management anxiety management training and Course Director POEMS For Children Anxiety Management Training Course

Dr Pam Cupples
Consultant Anaesthetist
Urology, Craniofacial, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Special interest: Pre-operative assessment lead

Dr Joy Dawes
Consultant Anaesthetist
Spines, Urology, Plastics, Radiology
Special interests: Neonatal and paediatric clinical pharmacology

Dr Nadine Dobbie
Consultant anaesthetist
Renal transplantation, Neurosurgery
Special Interests: Education and College Tutor

Dr Phillipa Evans
Consultant anaesthetist
ENT, Neurosurgery and General Surgery
Special interests: Difficult airway, Rota Co-ordinator

Dr Elena Fernandez-Garcia
Consultant anaesthetist
ENT, maxillofacial surgery, neurosurgery
Special interests: Difficult airway, Education, College Tutor

Dr Natalie Forshaw
Consultant Anaesthetist
Cardiothoracic surgery, cardiac catheterisation and Radiology
Special interests: Cardiothoracic disease, education and quality improvement

Dr Marina George
Consultant anaesthetist
Urology, ENT and Spinal Surgery
Special interest: Pre-operative assessment

Dr Louise Harding
Consultant anaesthetist
Urology, Haematology/oncology
Special interests: Clinical Governance and risk management

Dr Lucy Hepburn
Consultant Anaesthetist
Clinical Director of the One Heart ODN
Link to congenital cardiac anaesthesia network
Cardiothoracic Surgery
Special interests: Cardiac fellowship development and cardiac anaesthetic teaching

Dr Jane Herod
Consultant anaesthetist
Cleft lip and palate surgery, neurosurgery interventional neuro radiology
Special interests: Conjoined twins

Dr Richard Howard
Consultant anaesthetist
Pain Management

Dr Helen Hume-Smith
Consultant anaesthetist
Paediatric surgery, urology and orthopaedics
Special interests: Lead for renal transplantation, sustainability and peer mentoring

Dr Akane Iguchi
Consultant Anaesthetist
Cardiac Surgery
Special interest: Cardiac intensive care medicine and mechanical support

Dr Ioannis Ioannou
Consultant Anaesthetist
ENT and Spinal surgery
Special interest: Regional anaesthesia

Dr James lp
Consultant anaesthetist and Medical informatics officer
Cardiothoracic and tracheal surgery, Orthopaedics, Radiology
Special interest: Medical informatics for research, benchmarking and quality improvement.

Dr Ian James
Consultant anaesthetist
Cardiac Surgery
Special interests: Cardiac pre-operative assessment

Dr Stephanie Jinks
Consultant anaesthetist
Director for Neonatal Airway Training Course
General Surgery, Cleft lip and palate, Haematology/Oncology and interventional radiology
Special interests: Staff mental health and well being, perioperative anxiety management

Dr Mae Johnson
Consultant anaesthetist and intensivist
Reconstructive and plastic surgery
Special interest: Critical care

Dr Nivedita Kelgeri
Consultant Anaesthetist
Gastroenterology, Orthopaedics
Special interests: Regional anaesthesia, Neonatal anaesthesia, Patient Safety

Dr Helen Laycock
Consultant Anaesthetist
Specialist neonatal and paediatric surgery
Special interests: Chronic pain, Research

Dr Richard Lin
Consultant Anaesthetist
Urology, Spinal Surgery
Special Interests: TIVA, Dexmedetomidine

Dr Tim Liversedge
Chief of Service for Core Clinical Services
Consultant anaesthetist
Neurosurgery, Radiology and ENT
Special interests: Medical Leadership, Clinical Informatics and Innovation

Dr Su Mallory
Consultant anaesthetist
Neurosurgery, radiology

Dr Richard Martin, MBBS FRCA DCHyp
Consultant anaesthetist
General surgery, ophthalmic surgery, interventional radiology, cardiac angiography
Special interests: Hypnotherapy, peri-operative anxiety management, anxiety management training.

Dr Angus McEwan
Consultant anaesthetist
Cardiac, urology and MRI

Dr Alice Miskovic
Consultant anaesthetist
Chair of London Neonatal Anaesthetic Network
Director for Neonatal Airway Training Course
ENT, Plastics, Urology
Special interests: TIVA, Regional Anaesthesia

Dr Pratheeban Nambyiah
Consultant anaesthetist
Lead for Simulation Development
Director of UCL iBSc in Paediatrics and Child Health
Member of the Association of Paediatric Anaesthetists Scientific committee
Special interests: Anaesthesia for spinal surgery, research underpinning educational activities, persistent effects of anaesthetics on the nervous system

Dr Jamuna Navaratnarajah
Consultant Anaesthetist
Maxillofacial and Airway Surgery
Special interests: Airway Lead, Difficult Airway Course Director, Medical Student Co-ordinator

Dr Reema Nandi
Consultant anaesthetist
ENT, Neurosurgery
Special interests: Pain management and research

Dr Kar-Binh Ong
Consultant anaesthetist
Craniofacial, ENT
Special interests: Airway Lead, Craniofacial Lead

Dr Vineetha Sathyaseelan Ratnamma
Consultant anaesthetist
Orthopaedics, General Surgery and Renal Transplantation
Special interests: Clinical Governance, Risk Management and Medical Student Education

Dr Ellen Rawlinson
Consultant anaesthetist
Cardiac Surgery

Dr Rajan Saini
Consultant anaesthetist and cardiac intensivist
Cardiac Surgery, Cardiac Catheterisation
Special interests: Cardiac intensive care, PEERS team

Dr Amaki Sogbodjor
Consultant anaesthetist
Neurosurgery, Interventional radiology, General surgery and Urology
Special interests: Perioperative medicine research and Medical Ethics

Dr Jonathan Smith
Consultant anaesthetist
ENT and Pre-operative assessment
Special interests: Education and Resuscitation

Dr Emma Stockton
Consultant anaesthetist
Cardiothoracic surgery and Interventional radiology
Special interest: The built environment

Dr Grant Stuart
Consultant anaesthetist
Spinal surgery, Anaesthesia for rare diseases
Special interests: Metabolic illness, dexmedetomidine and sedation.

Dr Mark Thomas
President of the Association of Paediatric Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland
Consultant Anaesthetist
Opthalmology, ENT
Special interests: Perioperative fasting, Anaphylaxis

Dr Ellie Walker
Consultant Anaesthetist
ENT, Urology and Opthalmology
Special interests: Quality Improvement, Audit Lead

Dr Suellen Walker
Consultant anaesthetist
Chronic pain, radiology
Special interests: Academic anaesthesia and pain

Dr Hugo Wellesley
Consultant anaesthetist
Orthopaedics, Interventional radiology, Endoscopy and Neurosurgery
Specialist interest: Medical Law

Dr Michelle White
Consultant Anaesthetist
Cardiothoracic, Orthopaedic and Regional anaesthesia
Special interests: Global health, education & implementing quality improvement interventions at national level in low resource settings

Dr Glyn Williams
Consultant anaesthetist
General surgery
Special interests: Conjoined twins, Lead for Pain service

Dr Sally Wilmshurst
Consultant Anaesthetist
Craniofacial, Interventional radiology, Cardiac angiography and anaesthesia for children with cardiac disease undergoing non cardiac surgery
Special interests: Patient Safety and Consultant appraisal

Departmental secretaries

Cathy Costello

Cetina Norton