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Positive preliminary results from the Rapid Paediatric Sequencing Project

The Rapid Paediatric Sequencing Project (RaPs) is a pilot project aimed at evaluating the use of rapid whole genome sequencing (WGS) for rare diseases in a clinical setting. Successful results have been received from the first patients to have taken part.

Professor Neil Sebire receives grant to investigate the potential use of the minimally invasive autopsy

Professor Neil Sebire – who is Diagnostics and Imaging Theme lead at the Great Ormond Street BRC has been awarded an NIHR HTA grant on behalf of the Minimally Invasive Autopsy team at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Role of important protein improves understanding of autoimmune diseases

Researchers – led by Great Ormond Street BRC-supported Professor Tessa Crompton in collaboration with the Paediatric Department at Oxford University – have identified the role of a key protein in normal development of the thymus, an important organ of the immune system.