The Temporary Tattoo project: Charlie Williams showing 'patience' tattoo, Sept 2017

Artist Davina Drummond worked with young people at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) to playfully explore and share what it means to be a young person in hospital. 

Young people from wards across GOSH experimented with text and symbolism to create their own temporary tattoo designs. Davina and illustrator Ella Bell then worked together to turn the young people’s concepts into a limited edition set of eight temporary tattoos. 

Historically tattoos have served as decorations for bravery, pledges of love and hope, celebrations of achievement and as reminders of important events, all themes that have been explored during the project. The temporary nature of the tattoos acts as a reminder that not all experiences or situations, especially when in hospital, are permanent.

The discussions and artworks that came out of the project have allowed young people to reflect on the techniques they use to cope with their illness, process their hospital experience and share the challenges they face as young people in hospital.

If you are a young person at GOSH or work with young people in the hospital then get in touch via the link below to claim your own set of GOSH Temporary Tattoos.