This summer Volunteer Services, GO Create! and staff from Outpatients came together to introduce the Craft Station to Outpatient waiting areas at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

Led by a team of dedicated volunteers, trained by GO Create!, the Craft Station is a rich source of art materials which can be used by patients and their parents in a multitude of ways. The Craft Station Team regularly plan new activities and choose a different theme each week to inspire participants and support them to create something they can be proud of whilst waiting for their appointment.

The original concept for the Craft Station was developed by Zoe Wilks Head of Nursing, Outpatients, who hoped it would supplement the current play and arts offer in outpatient waiting areas on busier days. The Craft Station ensures that there are almost always creative activities for children to participate in on Outpatients, which transform their waiting experience into an enjoyable and creative opportunity to try something different and make new friends!

The Craft Station will be at a different Outpatient waiting areas at Great Ormond Street Hospital each Monday and Wednesday throughout the year.

It’s nice that you’re encouraging children to be creative instead of just relying on games consoles to keep them amused.

The Craft Station took their mind off the blood test they knew they were going to have after their doctor’s appointment.