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Richard Hewitt is a Paediatric Otolaryngologist Ear Nose and Throat (ENT),  Head & Neck and Tracheal Consultant. He is the Director of the National Service for Severe Tracheal Disease and The Great Ormond Street "Tracheal Team" and the Co-Director of the Great Ormond Street Hospital & University College Hospital Foetal Airway Service.

Richard is committed to the safe, effective and efficient care of children and was awarded the Great Ormond Street Hospital "Best Surgical Consultant Award" in March 2017


He has a specialist interest in all aspect of Paediatric ENT, Tracheal and Complex airway surgery.


  • tracheal reconstruction/complex airway surgery 

  • head and neck tumour and malformation surgery

  • cochlear implantation

  • Antenatal diagnosis & Foetal Head & Neck/ Airway Surgery


Richard trained at London at Guys’ and St. Thomas’ Medical School (MBBS 1994- 2000) and Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA (2000). During his training he undertook a BSc in Clinical Anatomy during which he undertook clinical research in conjuction with Harvard Medical School on transplantation surgery, publishing in the field.

He completed his basic surgical training in London and entered specialty training in ENT and completed the six-year programme in the North Thames region. His interest in paediatric ENT and head and neck surgery further developed with observerships at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical Centre, Ohio under the instruction of Dr Robin Cotton (one of the most eminent experts in the field of paediatric ENT) and Memorial Sloane Kettering Hospital, New York under the instruction of Professor Jatin Shah.

Following higher surgical training he undertook the Great Ormond Street Hospital ENT/Head and Neck Paediatric Fellowship (one year).

Research Interests


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