Derek Roebuck

Derek Roebuck - Radiology department
Dr Derek Roebuck has worked at Great Ormond Street Hospital since 1999 in the Radiology department.

Paediatric interventional radiologists use a variety of minimally-invasive image-guided techniques to diagnose and treat many childhood illnesses. Although these types of procedures have been available to adult patients in the UK for decades, their adoption in children has been quite gradual.

Our programme at Great Ormond Street Hospital aims to bring the benefits of these minimally-invasive techniques to as many children as possible.

Derek Roebuck


  • diagnosis of airway disease and intervention

  • oncology

  • central venous access

  • arterial disease in childhood

  • optical coherence tomography

  • balloon dilatation and stenting


  • BMedSc (Tasmania) 1981

  • MB BS (Tasmania) 1984

  • DMRD

  • FRCR


Dr Roebuck received his undergraduate training at the University of Tasmania and trained and worked as a radiologist in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States and Hong Kong.

He was appointed to Great Ormond Street Hospital in 1999 to develop the Interventional Radiology service. He is currently one of four (soon to be five) full-time consultant interventional radiologists who work with three part-time consultant neurointerventional radiologists and a team of radiographers and nurses.

Dr Roebuck is treasurer of the Society for Pediatric Interventional Radiology and a council member (and former President) of the Section of Oncology of the Royal Society of Medicine. He is also a council member (and Radiology Chair) of the International Childhood Liver Tumour Strategy Group (SIOPEL).

Research Interests

Dr Roebuck’s main research interests are:

  • complex tracheobronchial disease

  • paediatric oncology and the diagnosis

  • treatment of vascular diseases of childhood

Dr Roebuck has written widely on paediatric interventional radiology, and has published over 130 peer-reviewed papers, as well as several book chapters. He has also given numerous lectures at national and international conferences.

He is an honorary senior lecturer at University College London.

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Telephone: 020 7829 7943