Animal tales storytelling project

Animal tales is a series of six stories created by patients, families and staff at Great Ormond Street Hospital with the help of writer Sarah Butler. 

Each story brings to life the various animals that represent the wards within the Morgan Stanley Clinical Building – Walrus, Flamingo, Bear, Koala and Eagle Wards. 

These stories are available as books for patients to enjoy and also here in audio format, narrated by Peter Capaldi, Helena Bonham Carter, Rhys Ifans, Sir Ian McKellen, Sarah Millican and Barbara Windsor who very kindly donated their time to this project.

Lost and found (GO Create!)
Lost and found 

Read by: Sir Ian McKellen

A group of curious animals discover an ancient ring passed down from generation to generation.

Listen to Lost and found

Koalas in trouble (GO Create!)

Koalas in trouble

Read by: Barbara Windsor

Ketchup and Katy fight back when monsters start to destroy their forest.

Listen to Koalas in trouble

Freddie and Fiona (GO Create!)

Freddie and Fiona 

Read by: Rhys Ifans

A lonely bear called Freddie, who loves chocolate-covered slugs, goes in search of a friend.

Listen to Freddie and Fiona

Jasmine the hero

Jasmine the hero 

Read by: Sarah Millican

When flamingos start to disappear from Sandy Waters, Jasmine decides to investigate.

Listen to Jasmine the hero

Wendy's adventure (GO Create!)

Wendy's adventure

Read by: Helena Bonham-Carter

Wendy has never left home, until a flamingo persuades her to travel north and find her grandfather.

Listen to Wendy's adventure

Flash and Cloud (GO Create!)

Flash and Cloud's big adventure 

Read by: Peter Capaldi

Two mischievous baby eaglets jump out their nest and have to hitch a ride on the back of a walrus to get back to safety.

Listen to Flash and Cloud's big adventure