Make a complaint

At Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), we put children at the heart of everything we do. Our aim is to help your child to achieve as much as they can and have as good a quality of life as possible. However, we know that sometimes we do not do as well as you would want. Understanding your experience can help us to see things that we may miss as members of staff.

We work in line with the NHS Complaints Regulations which set out how we respond to complaints, investigate what has happened and share with you what we have learned.

The Complaints team are available if you want to make a complaint – you can call them on 020 7813 8402 or email

If you have additional needs, we can help you to raise a concern or make a complaint – if you need an interpreter, for instance, or support to write things down, we can help – just tell us. Our information is available in an Easy Read format, as well as in languages other than English.

It always helps us to know as much as possible about your concern – when it happened, who was involved and what happened (or did not happen). We will also need to know your child’s name, date of birth and hospital number. You can talk this through with us on the telephone, in a video call, send us an email or even write us a letter if you prefer.

To enable us to investigate your complaint fairly and efficiency, we ask you to raise a concern as soon as possible and ideally within a year of an incident happening or you become aware of it. We recognise that sometimes this is not possible. When we contact you, we will tell you whether we are going to be able to investigate what happened or if too much time has passed.

We will confirm that we have received it within three working days. We will also tell you how we will be looking into your concern and with which teams at GOSH. We will also give you an estimate of how long the investigation will take and ask how you want to receive the results of our investigation. We can provide the report and response in other formats, for instance, as an audio file or in an Easy Read format – please let us know.

The next step is for us to bring together a team of people to look into your experience and work out why it happened (or did not happen). Our aim is always to improve what we do and reduce the chance of the same thing happening again. Once we have completed the investigation, we will write to you (or provide the report in another format if you prefer) to explain what we found out and what we are doing to address the problem.

This may involve some things we are able to resolve quickly but occasionally, we need to make wider improvements which can take some time. If you would like to discuss the results of the investigation, we can arrange to talk to you over the phone or face to face.

Other organisations you can contact with a concern or complaint

There are other organisations outside of GOSH who you can contact with any concerns or complaints.

  • The NHS Complaints Advocacy Service is a free and independent service that can help you make a complaint about the National Health Service (NHS). For details of your local office please call their helpline on 0300 330 5454 or visit NHS Complaints Advocacy

  • The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the independent regulator for all health and social care services in the UK. Their job is to make sure that the care given in hospitals and other health or social care services meets government standards for quality and safety. You can raise a concern through their website by searching for the organisation and completing an online form, or by calling their Customer Service Centre on 03000 616161.

  • The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman considers complaints that the NHS or other public organisations have not acted properly or fairly. The Ombudsman carries out independent investigations into complaints that have already been investigated by hospitals and other local NHS organisations. You can telephone their helpline on 0345 015 4033 or visit their website for further information. They have a number of useful videos about what they do on their website including one in BSL with subtitles, viewable below:

Watch this further BSL video to learn more about the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman and what they do.