Patient and family accommodation

We know that having a child in hospital is difficult, so here at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), we aim to relieve some pressure by providing accommodation. There are two types of accommodation offered by GOSH.

Patient accommodation

Our patient accommodation is located in the Patient Hotel in Weston House. This provides accommodation for a child and their parents/carers before their admission to GOSH for an inpatient stay, daycase procedure or after their discharge. Priority is given to families who live outside of London.

Accommodation is also provided in our care-by-parent flats for children who require ongoing treatment but do not need to stay on a ward, for example, dialysis and transplant patients.

Family accommodation

We have family accommodation in various locations in and near the hospital. GOSH guarantees accommodation for one parent only. This could be on the ward or provided elsewhere by the Family Accommodation department if the ward is unable to assist.

This could be in any of the following types of family accommodation:

If the patient is in an intensive care unit, both parents are accommodated.

Due to the limited amount of accommodation available, parents may be asked to relocate if there is a change in their child’s condition.

A parent's perspective

Watch our video and see what some of our parents have to say about accommodation at GOSH. 

If the video is not showing, please watch it on YouTube

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All accommodation is self-catering, but there are plenty of cafes and shops in the local area. Please ask for a copy of our 'Eating on a budget at GOSH' information sheet for details.

If you would prefer to stay in a hotel, we can supply details of local hotels offering a reduced price for GOSH families. Alternatively, you can contact Visit London at