Walking aid return and reuse

GOSH net zero target

GOSH has set a target to achieve new zero for the emissions it controls by 2030 (around 24% of total emissions) and for the emissions it can influence by 2040 (around 76% of total emissions).

Walking aids are in the top 20 medical equipment for carbon intensity.

As a Physiotherapy team, we want to help achieve the net zero emissions through reuse and recycling.

Returning a walking aid

You can use the postcode checker to find a local drop-off point or bring to your GOSH clinic appointment or next visit.

Drop off the walking aid to the Physio gym, which is located past main reception (Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm)

The Physio team will clean, inspect and refurbish ready for reuse. If not suitable for refurbishment, the metal will be scraped and reused.

Find your local drop-off point using this QR code

Most local hospitals will have a collection point for walking aids.

You can check where your local one is using this postcode checker Walking aids | Recycle Now.

Benefits of returning walking aids

Walking aids, such as walking sticks, frames, rollators and crutches, can be safely refurbished and reused repeatedly.

Reusing crutches, frames and walking sticks provide an excellent opportunity for carbon savings due to the high greenhouse gas intensity of aluminium manufacture. In addition to reducing carbon emissions, increasing the amount that are returned and reused can also help improve access for patients and save money.

  • if just two out of every five walking aids were returned, the average hospital could save up to £46k per year
  • reusing a refurbished walking aid is on average 98% lower in carbon emissions than using a new walking aid
  • walking aids are in the top 20 medical equipment for carbon intensity
  • the Net Zero report set a target for 40% reuse of walking aids by 2025
  • the emissions it takes to make one walking frame is the same as driving 50 miles is a petrol car

Walking aids we accept

If your therapy team have advised that you may no longer require your mobility aid in the future, we ask that you return it.

We encourage you to bring your walking aid back to the physiotherapy department, clinic or your local hospital to be reused.

  • zimmer frames
  • crutches
  • quad tripod stick
  • walking stick

Broken walking aids

If your walking aid is broken, do not use and contact your physio team.

You can drop off any walking aid regardless of condition.

Defective devices can be recycled as scrap metal, generating income for the NHS, saving carbon and taking them out of circulation, improving patient safety.

Contact information

If you have any questions, please contact the Nicola Moore - nicola.moore@gosh.nhs.uk.

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