Staff Engagement and Culture

It’s really important that our staff feel valued, heard and connected. An organisational culture that supports this through developing positive workplace values and behaviours will mean that our staff feel engaged and motivated to be in work. Not only does this have enormous benefits for our staff as individuals, research shows that this positively affects patient care by making it more safe, with better patient outcomes.

We use many ways to connect and engage with our staff including:

  • Monthly briefings by our Chief Executive
  • Executive team walk-arounds
  • Regular executive team blogs
  • Team meetings
  • Monthly and annual staff awards
  • Trust-wide and local staff surveys
  • Opportunities for staff to be involved in new initiatives, new policies and strategy development
  • Opportunities for staff to join one of four staff forums – Disability & Long Term Health Conditions, LGBT+ Allies, BAME, Womens
  • Partnering with our Trade Unions
  • Events such as our annual Open House event