Leadership and Management

A photo of two women sat down having a conversation. One woman is wearing a grey suit, she has brown hair and is laughing. The other woman has her back to the camera. She has blonde hair held up in a clip and is wearing a blue nurse’s uniform.

Our People Strategy has expressed our intention to focus on the development of compassionate and competent leadership throughout GOSH. We aim to create an environment where everyone working at GOSH is happy, motivated, and engaged in improving the lives of children and their families.

To do this we need to focus on the development of both our leadership culture, and our leadership and management skills and competencies, with the same amount of care and attention that we apply to our clinical skills. Key to our success will also be the quality of the line management relationship and how we approach people management including honest conversations about our values, safety, and corporate leadership.

Leadership Statement

Our leaders are self-aware and recognise their impact on others. They empower and nurture their colleagues to be their best. They ensure they are a trusted, positive influence in their services and our Trust, and they ensure that they embody our organisational values. Our leaders are open-minded and curious to work outside traditional boundaries to achieve high quality outcomes for children and families.

Our portfolio

Our Portfolio includes programmes such as:

  • COLLABORATE Leaders’ Network
  • Leadership & Management Competency Self-Assessment Tool
  • Leadership Development Programme: Aspiring Leaders
  • Wellbeing Conversations
  • GEARS - GOSH Employee Access & Request System
  • HR Dashboard QlikView Training
  • HealthRoster Manager Training Level 1 and 2
  • Coaching Conversations Level 1
  • Coaching Conversations Level 2
  • Employment law issues and investigations: An introduction to the Trust's HR principles
  • Lean Six Sigma - Yellow Belt
  • Thriving not just surviving during challenging times
  • Listen Up - Training for all Managers
  • PDR Appraisal Skills Initial Training
  • Quality Improvement: Project Management
  • Speaking Up For Safety