Induction/Compliance Training

Our people are the head, the heart, the hands and the face of Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). They make us who we are and allow us to do extraordinary things. We value and respect them individually and collectively for who they are, as well as what they do.

As a Trust we are committed to ensuring all our people are well led and well managed, but also, supported, developed and empowered to be, and do their best. To support our people to provide excellent care to improve the health and quality of life of children with complex needs, we offer a comprehensive induction programme

The aims and objectives of our induction are:

  1. To explore the Trust’s vision for the future through the organisational strategy and the people strategy
  2. Discuss the kind of culture we work in, including our GOSH Always Values
  3. Confirm your responsibilities around working safely
  4. Providing you with the training you need to complete which will help you to achieve this

The programme is a mix of classroom based sessions, e-learning and systems training. The programme is tailored in terms of duration and content depending on your individual job role.

Induction Dates


  • w/c 5 December
  • w/c 12 December


  • w/c 9-20 January – NRN induction only
  • w/c 23 January
  • w/c 6 February
  • w/c 20 February
  • w/c 13 March
  • w/c 27 March
  • w/c 10-21 Apr – NRN induction only
  • w/c 24 April
  • w/c 8 May
  • w/c 22 May
  • w/c 5 June
  • w/c 19 June
  • w/c 3 July
  • w/c 17 July
  • w/c 7 August
  • w/c 21 August
  • w/c 11 September
  • w/c 25 September
  • w/c 9-20 October – NRN induction only
  • w/c 23 October
  • w/c 6 November
  • w/c 20 November
  • w/c 4 December
  • w/c 11 December

Compliance Training

Our compliance training requirements are a mix of Core Skills Training Framework competencies, plus some local GOSH competencies. Employees are required to complete the relevant training on the subjects below within 2 weeks of their start date. If you have already completed this training in your previous trust (and it is still up to date),  please send through any certificates or learning records to

  1. Equality and Diversity (CSTF)
  2. Fire Safety (CSTF)
  3. Health and Safety (CSTF)
  4. Infection Prevention and Control (CSTF)
  5. Information Governance (CSFT)
  6. Moving and Handling (CSTF)
  7. Resuscitation (CSTF)
  8. Safeguarding Children (CSTF)
  9. Safeguarding Adults (CSTF)
  10. Prevent (CSTF)
  11. Blood Transfusion
  12. Counter Fraud
  13. Consent and Parental Responsibility
  14. Medicines Management
  15. Pain Management