Occupational Therapy for International and Private Patients

The Occupational Therapy team provides an in-patient service to International and Private patients and will liaise with Embassies, private therapists and NHS therapists to ensure continuity in care.

The Occupational Therapists assess your child’s developmental needs including attention, cognition, fine motor, play and daily life skills. Standardised developmental assessments will be used as appropriate. The Occupational Therapists also assess your child’s equipment needs including positioning for seating, wheelchairs, bath seats, shower chairs, splinting, hoist and slings and sleep equipment.

They also provide assessment of the hand and upper limb where there is movement, strength or functional difficulties. Advice will be given verbally and in report format. Interpreters will jointly attend the appointments, if required and translated advice sheets will be provided as required.

Intervention may include developmental or rehabilitation input. Goals will be set jointly with the MDT and therapy equipment may be loaned, including a seating system or wheelchair. Hand splinting, stretches, exercises and functional activities to treat or prevent contractures, improve strength and develop functional use will be provided if needed. Home access visits can be made if the accommodation is local and advice will be provided accordingly. Where needed, letters are written to the Embassy to request funding for therapy equipment.

If your child has on-going Occupational Therapy needs post-discharge a report will be written to the Embassy to advise them of this. Referrals will be made to the necessary private therapists or NHS therapists.