About the Specialist Neonatal and Paediatric Surgery (SNAPS) department

The Specialist Neonatal and Paediatric Surgery (SNAPS) department at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) provides specialist surgical treatment for newborn babies (neonatal) and children (paediatric) with congenital (present at birth) conditions as well as diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, diaphragm and abdominal wall. We also provide general paediatric surgery both at GOSH, University College London Hospital and The Royal Free Hospital.

The department has developed expertise in laparoscopic or minimally invasive (keyhole) surgery for most of the conditions we treat and will soon upgrade to integrated laparoscopic operating theatres. The department also specialises in surgery to treat cancer including neuroblastoma.

We receive referrals – often on an emergency basis – from other children’s units throughout London and the South East of England, as well as the rest of the UK and abroad.

The department has an excellent international reputation in clinical and basic science research to develop new ways of treating newborn babies and children. Expertise in stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine also exists in the surgical research department.

As one of the few departments in the UK with the knowledge, experience and skills, we have successfully separated more than 20 pairs of conjoined twins over the past 20 years.

Collaboration with other departments

The SNAPS department works closely with a number of other departments within Great Ormond Street Hospital, including radiology, urology, dietetics and gastroenterology among others.