Rheumatology admission criteria

This is a list of patient diagnoses which are admitted to Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) by our Rheumatology team, the timeframe in which they should be treated and their estimated length of stay (LoS).
 Health professionals are reminded that this information is for guidance only.

Urgent admissions

Children with the following diagnoses should be transferred to GOSH within days from receipt of referral.
Diagnosis Estimated LoS
Joint injection (under general anaesthetic (GA) for children under the age of 6 years) 1 day
Juvenile dermatomyositis (JDM) - flare 3-5 days
Juvenile dermatomyositis (JDM) - new onset 2-6 weeks
Kawasaki - non-responsive, atypical 3-10 days
New onset poly Juvenile arthritis (JIA) 2 weeks
Systemic Juvenile Arthritis (JIA) - active 2 weeks
Systemic Juvenile Arthritis (JIA) - undiagnosed 2-4 weeks
Systemic lupus - new or flare 2-6 weeks
Systemic sclerosis - new onset 2-3 weeks
Vasculitis and related disorders - new or flare 2-6 weeks

Elective admissions

Children with the following diagnoses should be referred to GOSH via the non-emergency pathway.
Diagnosis Estimated LoS
Entonox Day case
Flare of poly Juvenile Arthritis (JIA) 1 week
Inflamed lower limb joint requiring injection 1 day
Other GA joint injection 1 day
Rehab complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) patient 2 weeks
Rehab inflammatory patient 2 weeks
Rehab non-inflammatory patient 2 weeks
Scleroderma 2 weeks
Stretch and cast inflammatory patient 2 weeks

Unlikely to admit

  • hypermobility under two years
  • trauma
Reviewed by Carla Hobart, General Manager ICI-LM. February 2012