You should always contact your local Shared Care Paediatrician or your GP for assessment in the first instance. Below you will find answers to some of the questions we are frequently asked.

We have also provided some website links which you may find useful.





My child is unwell, what should I do?

If your child has a minor illness that needs medical attention, such as a cough or cold, please make an appointment to see your GP. Please make sure your GP is aware of your child’s medication. There is no A&E department at GOSH so if you have a medical emergency you should attend your local A&E.

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My child is on immunosuppressant medication and has come in contact with chickenpox, who should I contact?

Please contact your GP or local Shared Care Paediatrician. Some children who are exposed to chickenpox will require aciclovir medication to prevent developing the disease, and this will be arranged through your GP or local Paediatric team. A chicken pox contact is described as being in the same room as a child who has chicken pox for more than 15 minutes and transmission includes direct contact with broken chicken pox blisters or airborne droplets. We will happily provide advice to the local team if required.

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I have a query about the flu vaccine, who should I contact?

We advise all our patients on immunosuppressive medicines to have the intra-muscular (injectable) flu vaccine every year. This should be arranged with the GP, and it is different from the nasal flu vaccine given in school (which is contraindicated for children on immunosuppressive medication). Please note: Children on immunosuppressive medicines should have all the normal vaccines on the UK vaccination schedule EXCEPT for the for the live vaccines, which include: nasal spray flu vaccine, MMR, BCG, Varicella (chickenpox), Measles, Mumps, Yellow Fever and Live Typhoid vaccine. Your GP can advise on Live Vaccines too.

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I have a question about a medication/methotrexate, who should I contact?

GOSH does not provide routine prescriptions. Regular medications must be prescribed by your GP or local Shared Care Paediatrician. Certain specialised medications (biologics) can only be prescribed by a consultant Rheumatologist. If you have a query regarding these, please call the Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) on Extn 7887.

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I want to chase my child’s blood results for Methotrexate, where can I get them?

For routine blood results for Methotrexate, if you are signed up to My GOSH you will be able to see your child’s results. All blood test results are checked before they are released. Sometimes results are slightly outside the normal range and you should not be worried about this. However, as they are checked before release, if we are at all concerned about any of the results a member of the team will contact you. If you have not signed up to My GOSH you can contact the Admin Assistant on Extn 1236 or rheumatology email: If you continue to have a concern about an abnormal result, please contact the CNS or Medical team.

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I have a query about a clinic letter, who should I contact?

Again, queries about clinic letters should be made via My GOSH and if this is not possible, please contact the Rheumatology Medical Secretaries on Ext 7887

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Useful Information

The following websites provide useful information about rheumatologically conditions in children:

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