Clinical outcomes relating to the Pain Control Service

The Pain Control Service at Great Ormond Street Hospital strives to improve patient experience and clinical outcomes both for its inpatients and its outpatients. The service utilises a mixture of evidence-based medicine, clinical practice guidelines, patient and carer-reported outcome and experience measures, and proven audited procedures to continuously improve its service.

Measuring chronic pain clinical outcomes

The Pain Control Service routinely collects patient-reported outcome data from all patients who attend its chronic pain clinic. Traditional pen-and-paper methods for collection of such data are slow, cumbersome, resource-intensive and potentially wasteful, require physical storage, can be hindered by time lag, and are subject to human error in their calculation.

To address these deficiencies, we developed and introduced a non-commercial computerised system which utilies hand-held tablet computers, wireless connectivity and integration with the Pain Control Service’s electronic health records. We are currently auditing patient, carer and clinician views. Our aim is to develop a model system for the collection of PRO data which is secure, effective and which reduces waste.

If you are a patient or carer who is coming to the chronic pain clinic, find out more about the measures and your appointment.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Outcomes of patients seen by us with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome can be found on the pain control outcomes page.