Research and publications from the Neurosurgery department

The Neurosurgery department is very active in participating in and promoting research.The department carries out regular nursing and medical review and audit projects which are presented both nationally and internationally, as well as being submitted for publication.

In addition, we carry out prospective clinically based research and contribute to laboratory based research at both the Institute of Child Health and the Institute of Neurology.

In specific areas such as paediatric neuro-oncology, we follow treatment protocols which contribute to national research projects. National and international audits are carried out in specific areas such as craniofacial surgery and epilepsy surgery.

The unit contributes to the work undertaken by the paediatric neuroscience benchmarking group, which results in evidence based nursing practice.

Current research projects

PhD project

The clinical assessment and management of lipomyelomeningocele.

Student: Lindy May
Supervisor: Dominic Thompson

PhD project

The development of 3D ultrasound elastography during cranial neurosurgery.

Student: Chris Uff
Supervisor: Aabir Chakraborty

Masters project

The morbidity associated with aqueduct stenosis in adolescents.

Student: Claire Doyle
Supervisor: Lindy May and Di Gumley