Research and publications from the Neuroimmunology Centre

The Neuroimmunology Centre is involved in a broad range of research across all of the different speciality clinics.The Neuroimmunology Centre holds a database containing information about children and young people seen in the clinic over a number of years, will will ultimately further our knowledge about the management of children with neuroimmunological conditions and their treatment. Clinical information may be entered in this database although all data is strictly confidential and will only be used in anonymous ways so that children cannot be identified.

The Neuroimmunology Centre is also active in research. Research is important to help us understand your child's condition better. As there are many questions which we do not have the answer to, your participation in research will help us in the future be able to give more accurate information to children and families. It is essential that we get to understand how new medications work in young people and therefore there are some oral medications that we are only able to offer in a trial. All clinical research studies are carried out in the hospital's Somers Clinical Research Facility (CRF). We conduct research both nationally and internationally.

Currently there are a number of studies in which parents, children and young people may wish to participate in and we would discuss these trials with you and your child if they were appropriate.