About the Interventional Radiology Service

The Interventional Radiology Service at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) offers a comprehensive range of interventional radiology procedures for children from newborns to 16 years of age.All of our patients are looked after on the general hospital wards before and after their procedures.  Our short film has more information about what to expect from an interventional radiology procedure.

Currently, we perform around 3,600 procedures per year. The tests and treatments we offer include central venous access, biopsy, oesophageal dilatation, airway intervention, feeding tube insertion, joint injections, angiography and embolisation, sclerotherapy, PCNL and thrombolysis.

The proportion of procedures undertaken is as follows;

Interventional radiology graph
  • 43 per cent for venous access
  • 16 per cent for gastrointestinal

  • 7 per cent for airway

  • 9 per cent for vascular malformations

  • 6 per cent for other venous

  • 10 per cent for biopsy

  • 9 per cent for arterial

The service is equipped with the latest technology designed specifically for our paediatric patients and we have close research links with the Institute of Child Health as well as links with industry, so that we are up to date with the latest research and technical advancements.

We are based within two adjacent angiography rooms, both equipped with Siemens dual plane angiography suites and ultrasound machines. The department currently runs 15 general anaesthetic (GA) and two non-GA lists per week.

Most of our non-GA procedures are cases such as PICC insertions or renal biopsies in older children, who can watch DVDs or have Entonox sedation during the procedure if required.