About the Inherited Cardiovascular Diseases Unit

The Inherited Cardiovascular Diseases Unit at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) is a multidisciplinary service specialising in the diagnosis, evaluation and management of young people with inherited cardiac conditions.

We are the largest unit in Europe providing comprehensive evaluation and management of the full range of inherited cardiac conditions (ICCs) in children and adolescents.

Our service has close clinical and academic links with University College London, the Bart's Heart Centre and other adult inherited cardiac conditions services in London and the UK. GOSH is uniquely placed to deliver a world-class, comprehensive service for children with the complete range of ICCs.

  • Our centre currently has over 4,500 outpatient consultations and receives over 700 new referrals per year.
  • Over 30% of new referrals are from outside the GOSH paediatric cardiology network.
  • Over 25% of new referrals are from other UK tertiary paediatric cardiology services, confirming the Centre's status as the national referral centre for paediatric ICCs.

Our centre is part of the UCL Partners Academic Health Science Partnership Inherited Cardiovascular Conditions Service, which together with the Bart's Heart Centre Inherited Cardiovascular Disease Unit, provides diagnostic and treatment services for a large part of the national caseload of ICC.

There is an established pathway for adolescents transitioning from the GOSH centre to the adult service at Bart's, which includes specific combined transition clinics at GOSH and regular multi-disciplinary team meetings at both sites.

The Centre for Inherited Cardiovascular Disease at GOSH is staffed by a team of paediatric and adult cardiologists with a specialist interest in inherited cardiac conditions, clinical nurse specialists, genetic counsellors, cardiac technicians, clinical psychologists and administrative support staff.

Meet the Inherited Cardiovascular Diseases Unit Team