Gastroenterology clinics

Gastroenterology Investigation Suite signage

Many children and young people never need to stay at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), as their condition and treatment can be managed through clinic appointments. This page explains what to expect when your child comes to clinic.

The Gastroenterology team hold the following clinics (some of which are held jointly with other specialists at GOSH):

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Intestinal Failure and Parenteral Nutrition
  • Gut Motility Disorders
  • Immune Mediated Digestive Disorders
  • Gastro-intestinal Allergy – including GI Allergy Nutrition and Therapies Service (GIANTS)
  • Cystic Fibrosis and Gastroenterology joint clinic
  • Shwachman-Diamond syndrome
  • Transition Clinic for Adolescents
General information about our outpatient areas and coming to an outpatient clinic appointment.

What to expect at a Gastroenterology clinic

The first appointment with the Gastroenterology team takes a little longer than follow up appointments – it lasts around 25 minutes or so and the aim is to get as full a picture of your child’s digestion and general health as possible. This will enable the team to consider all of your child and how they can either explore concerns further or suggests ways of treating their condition. Wherever possible, first appointments are with the relevant Consultant but other members of the team may come to part of the appointment as well.

The team member will look at your child’s weight, height and any blood test results, as well as carrying out a physical examination. You are welcome to stay with your child while they are being examined, or you can request a chaperone of the same gender when you check in for their appointment – we will do our best to find a chaperone if needed.

They will also take a clinical history from you and your child – this is a number of questions about your child’s symptoms, what they involve and when they started. They will also ask about the impact of your child’s condition on family life and whether it is affecting their schooling or other day to day activities.

When the Consultant has a full picture of your child’s digestive and general health, they will make recommendations for further assessment or starting treatment. This will vary depending on your child’s condition and may involve a series of visits to GOSH for the day or a longer stay on one of our wards. They will also make a note on our computer system about how soon they want to see your child again – we may be able to arrange the next appointment on the day, otherwise we will send you details in the post or via MyGOSH.

Follow up appointments tend to be shorter than first appointments, lasting about 15 minutes or so. The member of the Gastroenterology team will ask how your child has been since their last appointment and review the results of any investigations or inpatient stays with you. Again, they will tell you how soon they want to see your child again and any other next steps.

After your first appointment, follow up ones may not always be with the Consultant – they have a team of doctors working with them who also hold clinics. Please be assured that every member of the team is experienced and the Consultant will be kept fully informed about your child’s health and progress.

Tell us about your outpatient experience

Your feedback is really important to us. We would like to know how your experience was – from having your appointment booked, through to your consultation. You can fill in our online form or complete a feedback card.