Research and publications from the Craniofacial Unit

The Craniofacial Unit is involved with a number of research and audit projects.


Ongoing and recent projects include:

speech, language and cognitive development in Aperts and Pfeiffers syndrome and sagittal synostosis

visual outcomes in craniofacial dysostoses

growth of osteoblasts on bio-absorbable membranes

investigation into factors affecting complication rates in frontofacial distraction

a visual analogue scale to assess outcomes in frontal remodelling

changes in speech following craniofacial distraction

relapse following frontofacial distraction

the role of surgery in the management of periorbital haemangiomas.

cognitive outcomes in children with craniofacial dysostosis

incidence of raised intracranial pressure in children with syndromic craniosynostosis

the use of "springs" in posterior vault remodelling

Research in collaboration with other craniofacial centres:

investigation into intraoperative blood loss during craniofacial surgery
outcomes following frontal remodelling

the use of bioabsorbable membranes as frameworks for the growth of osteoblasts. (Collaborative project with Helsinki craniofacial group)

the incidence of raised intracranial pressure in complex craniosynostosis


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