Research and publications from the Children's Epilepsy Surgery Service

Great Ormond Street Hospital, in association with University College London Institute of Child Health, has a long tradition of evaluating new techniques in assessing children for surgery, gathering an evidence base towards optimising future patient care.

Current projects

Brain imaging

Key to an epilepsy surgery programme is ensuring accurate brain imaging. Several projects are underway utilising different forms of brain scanning and assessing their relative role in determining the best candidates for epilepsy surgery. This involves looking at new ways of visualising brain structure, as well as using MRI to localise language function and epileptic foci in combination with EEG (brain wave) assessment (

Long term outcomes

We are also continuing to look at children long term after their surgery, to look at outcomes from a seizure, learning and behaviour point of view. A new recently funded multicentre project will look at the role of using a ketogenic diet preoperatively in children with focal cortical dysplasia to see if we can improve the likelihood of postoperative seizure freedom. Research within the epilepsy surgery programme is part of a wider research programme in epilepsy, evaluating many different aspects, looking at causes, optimising timing of intervention and ultimately with a goal of improving long term outcomes in complex epilepsy (

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