Funding and opportunities

GOSH BRC's funding calls are starting to re-open after they were paused during the initial COVID-19 lockdown. Timelines for each of the funding calls have been revised and the application forms now include an additional question asking applicants to demonstrate how they have future proofed their project where possible for a scenario where lockdown continues for a long period of time or stops and is then reinstated.

We actively encourage the use of innovative ways of working in the current situation and will give higher weighting during the selection process for each of the calls to projects that can continue to be delivered with significantly reduced contact. We recommend applicants consider separating their work into distinct packages, indicating clearly where discrete blocks of experiments/activities could be undertaken in short periods of time in the lab/hospital without needing a long lead in, e.g. 1-2 months to develop new cell lines before starting experiments.

Whilst we wish to fund projects as normal through our funding calls, we have some COVID-19 research proposals coming through that may take priority given the severity of the situation. Timelines for each of our calls are subject to change due to COVID-19 and we will review them regularly and update the website/applicants with any changes.

For some time now, the GOSH BRC has welcomed ad hoc COVID-19 research proposals for small amounts of funding. To date, we have made five COVID-19 awards and have two further projects under review. Awards have ranged from £9,000 for smaller projects through to £40,000 for larger national projects. As funds are not unlimited, we have now placed a closing date of Friday 10th July for receipt of COVID-19 proposals. Please get in touch with us before this date at if you have an idea you would like to discuss.

Information about funding calls, opportunities and job vacancies available across all NIHR GOSH BRC themes.

Before submitting an application we strongly advise that you read and understand the eligibility criteria for each of the respective funding opportunities. If you have any questions please email GOSH BRC. Please also note the following general points:

Grant funding is inclusive of VAT. The funding is allocated annually, and as per NHS financial regulations, each year’s funding must be spent within the financial year and completely invoiced by 20 March of that financial year. Any invoices received in the next financial year cannot be processed. Please note that no funds can be carried over. Each subsequent year’s funding is contingent on adherence to the terms and conditions.

For grant funding with the BRC’s main research themes, all applicants should update their cohorts metadata in the 2018 Rare Diseases Cohorts catalogue (please contact Dauda Bappa for a copy of the catalogue).

Expenditure will be reviewed quarterly and any underspend assessed. If there is a significant unjustified underspend by the final quarter of the financial year, the remaining funding will be retracted.

Please acknowledge GOSH BRC support on all publications resulting from this funding. Find out more. A summary of previous successful applicants/awards can be found below. 

BRC Opportunities for Funding and Support - Previous Awards (171.79 KB) 

Wedderburn laboratory

NIHR BRC Catalyst Fellowships for clinical and non-clinical trainees

CLOSED: BRC Catalyst Fellowships are an exciting initiative supported by GOSH Biomedical Research Centre and GOSH Research and Innovation aiming to support trainees to take the next step in their research career and retain talented researchers in child health research. Both non-clinical researchers and clinical trainees are eligible for this fellowship.

Internal GOSH and ICH applicants only.

MRes/PhD project proposal opportunity - UKRI CDT in AI enabled Healthcare

OPEN: This is a call for any translational projects that will involve the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to solve improving the health of children with rare or complex diseases (e.g. using AI for any aspect of the development of new treatments, biomarkers, diagnostics or imaging).

Internal GOSH and ICH applicants only