Centre for Outcomes and Experience Research in Children’s Health Illness and Disability (ORCHID)


Our Vision

Our vision for Nursing and Allied Health Professions (NAHP) research is underpinned by a strategy which describes a joined up, innovative, and cohesive approach that facilities a strong embedded culture of inquiry and inclusivity across the trust. This is alongside necessary infrastructure and investment, so that NAHPs at all levels are inspired to engage with the research process, are appropriately informed about relevant research and are involved in research in order to impact and influence the design and delivery of healthcare.

The strategy is built around six key themes:

Leadership -Well Led: Providing local and national leadership on outcomes and experience research that harnesses the research potential of our NAHP workforce

Involved workforce - Well Trained: Ensuring our NAHP workforce have the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to be fully involved in research at an awareness, core, intermediate or advanced level

Infrastructure – Well Resourced: Ensuring that NAHP have the necessary support, facilities, equipment and time to be involved in research

Impact – Well Delivered: Supporting NAHPs to deliver research which has the potential to impact on the experience and/or outcomes of patients, families and/or staff

Influence – Well Connected: Ensuring that NAHPs undertaking research have access to internal and external networks necessary to influence clinical practice, policy and research agendas at the local and national level

Inclusivity – Well Accessed: Ensuring equitable access to research for all patients, families and staff