GOSH BRC Junior Faculty Travel Fund - Warren Hazelton

Warren Hazelton

Current Position: PhD student

Event/conference: American Society of Hematology (ASH)

Presenting: Accepted for poster presentation (pre-recorded)

Date: 5th December 2020

Funding requested: £570

I virtually presented a poster in the 62nd annual American Society of Haematology (ASH) conference detailing work carried out in my PhD, titled “Nanobody based Tri-Specific chimeric antigen receptor to treat acute myeloid leukaemia”. This opportunity enabled me to present my work in a major global conference, and provided me with access to current developments in the field of CAR T-cell therapy for AML.

The clinical and experimental data presented on CAR T-cell strategies for AML by other research groups generated valuable dialogue highlighting the need to target multiple antigens in order to overcome the inherit heterogeneity of AML and overcome antigen negative escape. These data help validate the principles of my research and strengthen our experimental approach.