Matthew Pitt

Dr Matthew Pitt has been a Consultant Clinical Neurophysiologist at Great Ormond Street Hospital since 1990.

He is responsible for all aspects of neurophysiological testing and has a particular specialist interest in paediatric electromyography (EMG). He has been lead clinician for the last seven years.

He lectures widely both in the UK and abroad, including visits to Tripoli and Khartoum. He has organised an EMG department in Dhaka, Bangladesh, where training clinical neurophysiologists in paediatric EMG takes place with graduates now working globally. He has close contacts with the French societies for EMG and has lectured there.


Dr Pitt is acknowledged as one of the leading exponents of paediatric EMG, a specialist branch of electromyography, both nationally and internationally. Working a Great Ormond Street for many years, he has become an expert on the use in children of stimulation single fibre electromyography used in the diagnosis of myasthenic syndromes. This is acknowledged nationally and internationally.

Qualifications and training

Dr Matthew Pitt qualified from Cambridge University with clinical studies at Westminster medical school. His house jobs included the Professorial Medical Unit at Westminster. He then followed a variety of jobs at senior house officer and registrar level, including general medicine, accident and emergency, and cardiology at the National Heart Hospital.

He spent four years at Aberdeen University, first with the General Medical registrar rotation and then specialist Neurology, including three years in research into the treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS). His MD thesis was on "Non-compressive myelopathy", an usual complication of MS. While in Aberdeen he launched a neurophysiological laboratory offering all forms of evoked potential measurements.

Returning to London he spent one more year in neurology at Atkinson Morley's hospital before transferring to neurophysiology training, there and at the National Hospital for Nervous Diseases and Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Research interests

Research interests include all aspects of paediatric electromyography but particularly the investigation of myasthenic syndromes, the use of EMG in swallowing disorders and prediction of prognosis in obstetric brachial plexus palsy.


Telephone: 020 7813 8472