Lucy Wedderburn

Lucy Wedderburn - Rheumatology
Lucy Wedderburn is a Professor in Paediatric Rheumatology at UCL (Institute of Child Health) and a Consultant at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). 

She trained in Cambridge and then London in Immunology and Rheumatology and then spent time training in science in the University of Stanford, USA, before returning to University College London (UCL) and GOSH on a Wellcome Trust Fellowship. She has been at GOSH for more than 10 years as a consultant.


Professor Wedderburn’s areas of interest include childhood arthritis, which is also called Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) and childhood myositis, also called Juvenile Dermatomyositis (JDM). She has a regular clinic where she sees children with arthritis and a range of other rheumatology conditions.

She runs a research team that investigate the mechanisms and different types of these diseases, as well as what controls response to treatment. She is the Chief Investigator of a large cohort study in JDM that includes centres from across the UK and is now the Director of the newly established Arthritis Research UK Centre for Adolescent Rheumatology at UCL, UCL Hospitals and GOSH.


  • 2007: Fellow of Royal College of Physicians

  • 1999: member Royal College of Paediatrics Child Health

  • 1995: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), University of London

  • 1989: Member of the Royal College of Physicians, Royal College of Physicians

  • 1986: Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery

  • 1982: Bachelor of Arts, University of Cambridge

Research Interests

  • immunopathogenesis of paediatric autoimmune diseases in particular JIA and JDM

  • the control of childhood immune responses in particular T cell responses

  • JDM vasculopathy

  • JIA genetics

  • muscle stem cell work

  • gene expression profiling/genomics

  • characterisation of the genetic and immunological factors that control response to medication in childhood arthritis