Jutta Köglmeier

Jutta Koeglmeier, Gastro Consultant
Dr Jutta Köglmeier SEM, MD, MRCPCH, MmedSc has been a Paediatric Gastroenterologist at Great Ormond Street Hospital since 2010. 

Dr Köglmeier became a Consultant in September 2007 at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital where she took up the role of lead clinician in paediatric nutrition. In August 2010, she joined the Gastroenterology team at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Dr Köglmeier takes an active role in the multidisciplinary assessment of patients referred for small bowel transplantation and leads the specialist services for children with Shwachman Diamond Syndrome and Cystic fibrosis associated gut disease. 


  • Nutrition and long term parenteral nutrition (in-patient management and home PN). 
  • Intestinal rehabilitation and assessment of children for Small bowel transplantation, Shwachman diamond syndrome and Cystic fibrosis related gut disease.


Dr Köglmeier trained in paediatric gastroenterology at the Royal London Hospital, King’s College Hospital, Great Ormond Street Hospital and The Royal Free Hospital.



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