Refer a patient to the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit

The Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) department at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) provides a comprehensive stem cell transplant service. This page includes information about how to refer a patient to the BMT department at GOSH.

Please see our admission criteria for further information about the diagnoses treated by the BMT department at GOSH.

How to refer a patient

For an outpatient appointment

As a tertiary care hospital, all children who attend GOSH must be referred via local hospital consultants, community paediatricians or, in exceptional circumstances, via a GP.

To contact us to make a referral please email or fax number 020 7813 8310.

Inter hospital transfer

Please contact the BMT department directly on telephone number 020 7405 9200 if the transfer is an emergency (patients that need life or limb saving treatment at GOSH within a few hours), or urgent (patients that need transfer to GOSH but not in the emergency category). 

Key staff

Services and facilities

We perform autologous and allogeneic procedures for children with life-threatening diseases.

The department is the largest paediatric BMT centre in the UK. We provide a comprehensive haematopoietic stem cell transplant service for children with life-threatening conditions, and carry out around 80 transplant procedures each year.

Only 20 per cent of our patients have suitably matched family donors, so many of these transplants are performed from one of the 15 million volunteer adult bone marrow or peripheral blood stem cell donors, or 500,000 cord blood donations, available worldwide.

The BMT department provides a range of varying intensity transplant procedures for children with a range of serious and potentially fatal conditions including:

  • leukaemia

  • solid tumours

  • bone marrow failure

  • immunodeficiency diseases

  • inherited metabolic disorders

  • autoimmune or immune dysregulatory diseases

Feedback and suggestions

All general feedback and suggestions can be addressed to:

Louise Mansi
Bone Marrow Transplant Unit
Level 5, Main Nurses Home
Great Ormond Street Hospital
Great Ormond Street
Telephone number: 020 7813 8434
Fax number: 020 7829 8640

Management contacts

Dr Paul Veys
Director of BMT and Clinical Lead 
020 7405 9200 (ext 8335)

Service Manager
020 7405 9200 (ext 5096)

Ben Douglas
General Manager 
020 7405 9200 (ext 5439)